ShipNet and iMarine Software announce SeaProc e-procurement now integrated in to ShipNet One

January 7, 2019
ShipNet was founded over 25 years ago with a vision of providing full ERP capabilities across commercial, technical and financial disciplines. Today, it continues to pursue that vision as 'One Connected Maritime Platform'.

With the announcement of full integration between the SeaProc e-procurement platform and ShipNet, buyers now enjoy significant speed, accuracy and ease in handling transactions. Requests for Quotations, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Invoicing and Delivery Receipts are directly interfaced. This allows buyers to conduct all their daily activities within the ShipNet procurement system as all communications, transactions and negotiations can be handled internally.

Suren Thadani, ShipNet CEO states “ShipNet has constantly valued working with partners who are innovative and have a solution that provides a unique proposition to our customers. We are equally focused on giving our customers a choice for their business that provides them the best fit competitive advantage. We recognize that generating savings on operating expenses is critical to our customers and therefore we see the recent investments in our partner relations as a strong mechanism to providing our customers the right strategic enablers to make this happen. Our ShipNet One platform continues to grow and we foresee having 35+ valuable partners integrated to our platform before the end of 2019. This continues to provide a significant competitive advantage to our customers who want to leverage various levers within their business to achieve the right financial results.” For further information please visit www.shipnet.no or contact sales@shipnet.no.

iMarine Software developed and manages SeaProc, a source-to-receive cloud procurement solution powered by Amazon Web Services. SeaProc connects ship operators with over 50,000 vendors globally and provides a unified platform for managing and monitoring technical trading, contract management, e-invoicing, logistics, business reporting and trading rule management in a scalable and secure environment. The service is backed by a 24/7 support hub that monitors trading and assists users based on urgent response time policy.

For further information about SeaProc and iMarine, please contact Sales@seaproc.com

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